Roman Shimonov

Founder and CEO of Roshel Inc., the leading North American producer of smart armored solutions.

Speaker's bio

Roman Shimonov is the founder and CEO of Roshel Inc., the leading North American producer of smart armored solutions. Roman has immigrated to Canada 10 years ago with his family from Israel where he served in the Israeli Armed Forces. Following his career in the military he has established and led a successful encryption company, which provided services to the Israeli military. In 2016, shortly after Roman Shimonov has established Roshel Inc. he has hired a team of ex-soldiers and manufacturing professionals with decades of experience in safe transportation to grow a company that quickly became one of the largest manufacturers of smart armored vehicles for government institutions and commercial corporations in North America and beyond. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Roshel has pivoted to the mass production of Roshel’s signature armored personnel carrier, Senator APC, for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other agencies involved in the war effort in Ukraine.

Roman is a strong believer in self-reliance and ingenuity of his team, which allow Roshel to offer the highest quality of final products and the best-in-industry turnaround time. With over 120,000 sq. feet of space and over 200 employees, the company conducts the entire manufacturing process in-house allowing for greater flexibility in customization of the products and rigorous quality control. Roman believes in investing in innovation and R&D to be able to offer innovative custom-made solutions to the most demanding clients. Roshel was established as a forward-looking and innovative company that offers cutting-edge solutions, constantly working on improving its products and introducing new ones. In 2023, Roshel is planning to present its first fully electric utility and last-mile delivery vehicles to be in step with demands from the transportation and delivery industry. Roman is married and has 3 children.