Roland Thiessen

Shareholder and Director of Westcap Group Inc.

Speaker's bio

Roland is a shareholder and director of Westcap Group Inc., an industrial company with controlling interests in Oilfield and Agriculture Manufacturing, Food Processing, and Agriculture Operations. Westcap Group are innovators with several proprietary and patented processes in clean energy and green agriculture. Roland has been involved in business development for over 40 years in Canada and Ukraine. In the early 2000’s, his wife and him began developing a farming operation in their ancestral land of Ukraine, building a home there and adding to their family through adoption. This business has grown to include two farming locations producing grain and vegetables on over 4000 acres, as well a trucking operation. They are also involved in several humanitarian projects in Ukraine. Westcap is uniquely positioned in both Canada and Ukraine, and is actively working to further interface and grow their businesses in both countries.