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Yakaboo Mobile App

Short description

Yakaboo’s app is the largest electronic library in Ukraine with more than 20 000 e-books and audiobooks by well-known Ukrainian and international authors.

Investment amount:
$300K - $1M
Payback period:
4.2 years
1 year

Brief description of the project

Yakaboo Mobile App. Read and listen to your favorite books at any time with the downloadable Yakaboo app. Yakaboo’s app is the largest electronic library in Ukraine with more than 20 000 e-books and audiobooks by well-known Ukrainian and international authors. Download, read or listen to books wherever you are - at home, in the office, or abroad.

Brief Market Overview

Market Value - $ 123 000 000. We have always strived towards the creation of a strong and competitive Ukrainian book market. Today – our mission is harder. But we are convinced that these trials will make the Ukrainian book stronger and even more popular in the world. The Ukrainian book must become a symbol of the intellectual DNA of the Ukrainian people. We have a shared strategic mission: to support and preserve the Ukrainian book, and to protect our market from annihilation, we have to keep working – this is our contribution to achieving complete victory over the enemy.

Company Owners review and Key Stakeholders Overview

Yakaboo is the largest vertically-integrated company in Ukraine, working in the publishing and sale of books. We are a Ukrainian company, who for 18 years have been creating the national book platform Yakaboo, which has brought together 3.5 million clients and over 500 book companies. Yakaboo offers Ukrainian readers over 300 000 titles in 71 languages, in printed, ebook and audiobook formats. Our mission – to make Ukraine the most read country in Europe, and consequently, in the world. The Ukrainian book is a value we are trying to protect and preserve. Currently, the Ukrainian book market is facing a number of unprecedented challenges: martial law, ruined infrastructure, the low purchasing power of the population, and a lack of government financial support programs. However, even in this difficult time, Yakaboo continues to work towards relaunching its operations and supporting all the participants of the book market: 1 million Ukrainian books have been moved from battle zones, and a new logistics center has been opened, Yakaboo Publishing has resumed its work. The company also made significant charitable contributions to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and constantly supports the civilian population. Yakaboo is taking systematic measures against the distribution of counterfeit literature on the Ukrainian book market. As the market leader, Yakaboo is also involved in the development of legislative initiatives to combat piracy. Yakaboo’s mobile app provides full protection against the illegal copying of works and copyright infringement. Additionally, it is necessary to mention our initiative for providing the Ukrainian people with free access to reading through Yakaboo’s mobile app. As a result of joint efforts, Yakaboo’s app ranks first in the App Store’s ratings, has over 600 000 registered users since the first day of the military invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 (image below), and a large number of positive reviews from Ukrainian readers. For many, including children, reading and listening to books online has been the only source of joy during hours spent in bomb shelters. A no less important aspect has been upholding children’s learning process and supporting the population’s mental health. Our customers abroad, namely in Canada, the United States, Poland, the United Kingdom, and other countries, could buy books in a mobile application to support Ukrainian publishers. However, unfortunately, many of our partners have been forced to withdraw their propositions for free reading, due to the significant financial burden of paying out royalties to authors. Without an active source of income in wartime conditions, Yakaboo cannot independently support free access to its mobile app for Ukrainian readers. Today, Yakaboo needs financial help from all partners to resume its publishing and selling of Ukrainian books.

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