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Oil & Gas production

Short description

Wide range of options, invest in industry leading drilling tools / oil & gas fields

Investment amount:
$1.5-20 mln
Payback period:
3-6 years
6-12 month

Brief description of the project

Wide range of options, invest in industry leading drilling tools / oil & gas fields

Brief Market Overview

Ukraine continues to take leadership – 89 drilling rigs that is plus five rigs comparing to the last month.

Ukraine is the European leader in the reserves-to-production ratio, second after Norway in proven natural gas reserves and fourth in terms of gas production.

Operate more than 770 bcm of discovered proven reserves of natural gas and more than 4.4 trln of undiscovered ones.

Have one of the largest GTS in Europe with an entry capacity of 281 bcm and exit capacity of 146 bcm, as well as the largest European complex of 12 UGSs with a total capacity of 31 bcm, which is more than a quarter of the total European volume and ranks 3rd after the USA and Norway in the world.

Demonstrate successful experience of reformation of the sector for the last 6 years, introducing transparent e-auctions, concluded and signed PSA tenders, PECs, overall liberalization of the market and incentives for business.

Possess about 540 licences with an area of more than 94 thousand sq. km and 20 bcm of domestic gas production.

Company Owners review and Key Stakeholders Overview

The company is founded by industry professionals with 35 years of combined experience both in Ukraine and in Europe. Both owners are ex Halliburton Europe as well.

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